Make teeth brushing fun with Cubby!

Introducing Cubby Buddy, your child’s interactive polar bear cub virtual pet! Watch as your child’s toothbrushing activity charges Cubby’s health bar. Engage in the exciting toothbrushing game where your child joins Cubby on a guided and timed adventure, zapping bugs, brushing away plaque, and shining those pearly whites!

What our cubs say about us…

“Honestly, brilliant. Carter loves this toothpaste and it really makes that morning and bedtime routine a little bit easier when he’s excited to do it!”

- Harriet May

“What an amazing concept. I have struggled for years with all three of my children at teeth brushing time and this app is truly genius.”

- Abi Harris

“This toothpaste tastes so good, I might have to start using it for myself too! Combined with the Cubby Buddy app it’s the perfect duo!
Thanks, from every mum out there”

- Lauren Webster